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Rise of the Freaks by thedarkenedkeeper
Rise of the Freaks

"Come here I'm gonna tell you how this will end.
Come here I'm gonna drag you down as they ascend
Guns go off and acid rains down, the face of this town
Blood and dirt and dirty blood money, an explosive sound

The whole ground cracks
From the oil and the blood on the tracks because

All the devil's toys
(Now you're gonna see them)
When I bring you this
All the devils toys
(Now you're gonna hear them rise)"
~ "All The Devil's Toys", Deathstars

Surprisingly managed to get this done quite quickly, and I am VERY proud with the final result. This came out perfect. I may loathe shading, but damn, all the work is TOTALLY worth it.

This idea I had had in mind for some time, and it was all because of a Deathstars song titled "All the Devil's Toys". I watched the music video, and for whatever reason, I suddenly got this idea of both Dollface and Scarecrow going up a staircase, making them rise up with Gotham city in the background and smoke - which I changed to the fear gas - engulfing the entire city. Basically symbolizing how the two were going to make Gotham there's and everyone would be below them. It seemed like a really dark and cool idea, so low and behold, I finally got around to doing it and it came out SO much better than I thought it would.

I originally was going to do it entirely in ink, but I realized that doing the smokey/smudged effect would be a WHOLE lot easier to do with lead, and I felt that the shading would be easier and make the image pop more than with ink.

First time drawing hair being blow in the wind, and it most definitely came out beautifully. I used reference pictures for the both of them walking (key to learning to draw better or having difficulty with something in particular: use reference pictures!).

Songs I used for inspiration - aside from Deathstars' "All the Devil's Toys" - were "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson, and "Legion of Monsters" by Disturbed.

Okay, so a few months ago, I began watching "American Horror Story" with my bestie (who had seen the first season and said it was really good), and sure enough, I enjoyed it; I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I binged it once again in a heartbeat. Loved it! I went out and bought the second and third seasons as well. She and I had watched up to the fifth episode of Asylum, but we haven't continued since she hasn't come over for a sleepover lately, and I refuse to watch the rest of the show without her (the fifth episode, we found out who Bloody Face is, and let me just say, anything to do with serial killers who skin, gut, torture, etc their victims REALLY unsettles me and I'm just worried about whether it'll show anything or not, so until then, I haven't been watching the rest. Which is unfortunate since it is a really good show and I want to know what's going to happen! Ugh!).

ANYWAY, just as the title states, I am once again contemplating about watching two others shows I have also looked into, just how I did when I had thought about watching "American Horror Story", and those shows are: "Dexter" and "Hannibal". Now, let me just state something here: my sensitivity levels are all over the place, honestly. There really is little to no telling of whether I can handle something or not. There could be a movie you'd think I'd be able to handle, but then turns out I can't. Vice versa, there could be a movie you'd think I couldn't handle, but then turns out I can. And there's no way to tell if I can or not. For example, I'm not a fan of the original "Evil Dead" - it's far too gory, in my opinion. And I saw "The Cabin in the Woods" in the theater, in which the amount of over-the-top gore disturbed me so greatly I was on the verge of tears. Plus, the first time I watched "The Silence of the Lambs", 40 minutes in and I had to turn it off because I broke down in tears due to how disturbed I got (it felt way too real for me - I can watch it now though; it's a really good movie). But then there are movies like "Repo! The Genetic Opera" and the reboot of "Evil Dead" in which I thought there would be no way in Hell I'd ever watch them due to how much gore there was, and low-and-behold, they are now two of my favorite horror movies. I'm strange that way.

All I know is that I cannot stand torture and extreme gore (blood is fine, but guts I have a bit of a problem with - hence why I don't really watch zombie flicks). The only time I have an exception for the two is if the deaths are quick. For instance, if someone has their heart ripped out fast, I'm fine. If there are quick beheadings, also fine. Stabbings, shootings, definitely fine. But if there is prolonged shots of someone's insides or someone's alive while they're gutted or something, I can't handle it; that's just too much for me, which is hilarious since I managed to watch "Repo!" and that was gruesome for me to watch (still cringe-worthy for me to watch, but the music and songs tone it down a bit for me).

So this then probably makes you question "Well if you can't stand that kind of stuff, why would you want to watch Dexter or, better yet, Hannibal? Those have quite a lot of gore, and if you can't handle guts and whatnot, why bother trying to watch?" Simple: because they look really good. Just like with AHS, I did "research". I read the synopsis of some episodes - along with the parental guidance, I looked up images of the murders/gore that happen in both shows, and I watched the trailers. And let me say, although a majority of the gore looks to be quite disturbing and makes my blood run cold, the overall shows look very interesting and well done, almost like surreal artwork (I'm looking at you, "Hannibal"). And being an artistic - as well as a horror writer - I'd like to take a look into these shows and view them as dark artistic masterpieces which could give me inspiration. I think one of my problems when it comes to viewing gore and more realistic situations (i.e. serial killers and cops) is that I tend to overthink the situation too much. By that, I mean, if something is implied, I dwell too far into thinking over what might've happened and how a certain character might've suffered and such, and that's when I get disturbed. That is exactly what happened when I viewed "The Silence of the Lambs" the first time. So when I went to watch "American Horror Story" with my bestie, and it came to the disturbing parts, I pretty much had to try and shut off that part of my brain that wanted to dwell into the "overthinking" process. Luckily, I had my laptop and bestie to distract me a bit and not feel as uncomfortable or alone. In fact, there were a few scenes she and I laughed off, which definitely made it less unsettling for me. So I guess if I do decide to look into these shows, I'll have to do just that. Have my laptop to distract me at times, watch them in broad daylight with the lights on, and don't let my mind wander into darker areas.

But aside from all of that, is there anyone who has seen either show, and if so, could you give me some information of them? I know I've looked into them, but the more information, the better. I'd like to know from you guys if it'd be a good idea or not for me to watch either of these shows. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say.

Thanks guys

- A.R. Robertson
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