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Mine by thedarkenedkeeper

"Despite the lies that you're making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is
Just waiting
To turn your tears to roses

Despite the lies that you're making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is
Just waiting
To turn your tears to roses

I will be the one that's gonna hold you
I will be the one that you run to
My love is
A burning, consuming fire

You'll never be alone
When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars
Hear the whispers in the dark
You'll never be alone
When darkness comes you know I'm never far
Hear the whispers in the dark
Whispers in the dark

You feel so lonely and ragged
You lay here broken and naked
My love is
Just waiting
To clothe you in crimson roses

I will be the one that's gonna find you
I will be the one that's gonna guide you
My love is
A burning, consuming fire

[Chorus x2]

Whispers in the dark [x3]"
~ Whispers in the Dark by Skillet

Unf. Look at those hands *^* Look at them.

This, of course, for anyone who watches Gotham, is a young Jonathan Crane protectively hugging a young Mandy Robertson. Now the idea for this mostly revolved around the rping I've done with someone rping as a young Jonathan Crane. Mandy's always been quite shy and introverted, but especially so when she was just a small young thing. She struggled to make friends and was taught to not talk to strangers - even though we all know that's the only way to make friends. Yet somehow, when she meets Jonathan, she feels comfortable with him. Yes, she was at first nervous and uncomfortable, but she's warmed up to him and this is what's happened. They've grown very close, and maybe a bit more than friends at this point. She feels safe with him, and Jonathan will do anything to keep her safe.

As I see it, a part of me kept on envisioning a part in an rp I did with a young JC, Gerald Crane, and Harvey Dent which involved Mandy accidentally falling victim to Jonathan's father and getting a good dose of fear. Back at Jonathan's place, while Gerald goes to make an antidote, Harvey shows up and wants to speak with Gerald, especially when he sees the state Mandy's in. Jonathan - being a close friend to Mandy and feeling a bit overprotective - immediately gets in front of Mandy and refuses to let Harvey take her away. Yes, it was a bit of a different position than I have them in in this drawing, but still, the thought was a very sweet and powerful one, in my opinion. It just goes to show how much they care for each other and how two outcasts - individuals who thought they were alone and beginning to think love didn't matter - came together and will stick up for the other because "freaks stick together".

ANYWAYS enough of that. Enough ScareFace talk *cough*even though they're not Scarecrow or Dollface yet. Once again, I had to give it a go at drawing a real person, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy, but then again, since when is it? And look at those hands! Look at them! I actually drew perfect hands (this is why using reference pictures are SOOOOO good to have)!!! Now, what I was going for with this one was two things: 1) To demonstrate how protective Jonathan is of Mandy and 2) to have him staring directly at us, basically giving us a look that says "She's mine. Touch her and I'll make you regret it". I had such a STRUGGLE with his face, I swear. It kept on coming out far too mature, and I tried so hard to try and make him look young. Urgh! Finally, I just settled on this, the final outcome. But I'm not complaining :)

Songs that inspired me for this one were "My Demons" by Starset, "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet, and "Pain" by Three Days Grace. I kept on thinking just how much pain and suffering Mandy's been through, and how once she met Jonathan, all her troubles and worries just seemed to fade and become forgotten.

Now, on just one last note, being that this is a Gotham-related drawing (just like the ones I did with Ivy and Selina, and with Harvey), this doesn't fall into Mandy's actual timeline. She never went to Gotham when she was younger, she moved there when she was 21. So as I see it, any drawings I do involving the Gotham universe, is more of an alternative reality. It's a what-if scenario, basically. Of what would've been if she had gone to Gotham when she was younger.

Tea Party by thedarkenedkeeper
Tea Party

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: …*groans*

Dollface: Oh good, you’re awake. It’s about time.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: Where…Where am I? *struggles against the bonds, holding him to a chair*

Dollface: Out in the middle of nowhere, so I’d advise you not to scream for help. It really won’t get you anywhere, plus it’ll only weaken your vocal cords, so really, what’s the point? Best to just relax while you can.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *narrow eyes* You’re Dollface – the deranged woman who’s been poisoning people and stitching their mouths shut.

Dollface: Indeed I am. Deranged, huh? Is that what they’re saying about me? I prefer the word psychotic, but whatever suits your fancy, I guess. *leans in close*And you’re Dr. Stephen Kellerman – a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: How do you - ?

Dollface: Quite simple, really, but I won’t tell you. That’s for me to know, not you. Now then, *sits down across from him* shall we move on?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: What do you want? Why kidnap me?

Dollface: For one reason and one reason only: I want some answers. Give me the answers I want, and I’ll let you walk out of here unharmed and untouched. You’ll be the first ever victim to escape from me without a scratch.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *narrows eyes and shakes head* No…You’re lying. Your identity may be concealed, but your voice reveals your true intentions. You won’t let me leave – why would you?

Dollface: Perhaps it’s because I may in fact have a heart, contrary to what many believe. Maybe I’m not feeling quite like myself tonight, who knows?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: The only reason you’d allow me to leave is if there were an insidious deed up your sleeve you plan to act upon involving me. I may very well be a key component in said deed, thus why you wouldn’t allow me to escape.

Dollface: Beg my pardon, Doctor, but from the sounds of it, it’s almost like you don’t want to leave. Is that what you’d like – to remain here as my hostage? Does my proposal not live up to your expectations?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: I never said anything of the sort. Staying as your hostage is the last thing I want, and I’d very much like to leave this place without harm.

Dollface: Then it’s settled. Give me the answers I’ve been seeking, and I’ll let you walk out the front door alive, I give you my word.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: What answers do you want?

Dollface: *leans forward, arms folded* Where is Scarecrow?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *looks at her with confusion* Scarecrow?....You mean Dr. Jonathan Crane?

Dollface: Yes, of course that’s who I’m referring to. Now tell me, where is he?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: Why do you need to know? Surely you don’t - ….*suddenly realizes who he’s dealing with*…You were in league with him. You were the one helping him in the plan to gas all of Gotham.

Dollface: Yes, and it was a success until the Batman came in and ruined it.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: And unlike Crane, you managed to stay hidden and not get caught. You continued to carry out what he had started.

Dollface: Am I that easy to figure out?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: As I said, you may be able to keep your face hidden, but everything you say says a lot about you. I can figure you out quite easily. It’s my job, after all; to read people and find out what makes them tick so to speak.

Dollface: You’re evading the original question, Doctor Kellerman. Where is he, where is Dr. Crane?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: You know what happened to him, and if you know me, then surely you know where he is. He’s undergoing special care and treatment at Arkham Asylum.

Dollface: *slight growl in her voice* Treatment? What sort of treatment?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: Nothing harmful, if that is what you’re concluding. We’re only extracting information from him, as well as prescribing medication to him, that is all I assure you.

Dollface: Now who’s the one lying?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: I’m telling the truth. I gave you the answer to your question, now release me.

Dollface: You didn’t answer my question, Doctor. You fail to understand. I want to know exactly where he is – where his cell is.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman:...You care about him, don’t you?...You were together.

Dollface: I beg your pardon?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: The tone of voice you’re using – you’re getting defensive. The subject matter is getting under your skin. I’ve dealt with patients who have shown the exact same behavior you are now, and most often, it’s because of a loved one….You’re afraid for him, and you don’t want anything to happen to him, hence why you’re acting the way you are.

Dollface: Interesting conclusion, Doctor, but I’m afraid you’ve got it all wrong.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: A very similar response I’ve gotten from other patients as well. Always in denial.

Dollface: I’d be careful with what you say to me, Doctor. Your life is in my hands, and if you don’t cooperate, I may just have to pull the plug.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *eyes narrow*…..Who are you?

Dollface: *sighs with exasperation* We’ve already been over this. You know who I am.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: But who are you…really?

Dollface:…Why do you want to know?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: There’s always a reason for why psychopaths become the way they are. There’s usually something that makes them snap. *looks her over* You’re quite a thin young woman, and judging from the fact how you choose to wear a mask, I can only conclude that you’re ashamed of your appearance. It’s one of the reasons why you became the way you are, perhaps?

Dollface: …*leans forward and pulls off her mask to reveal her scarred mouth and damaged eye*…

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *gasps softly and leans back, a bit appalled by her appearance*

Dollface: *scoffs and shakes her head* I knew it. You’re just the same. You’re just like all those other peasants out there who resent me for the way I look. Don’t deny it, you view me the same way they do: a puppet. *seethes through her teeth* A brainless doll. *puts her mask back on* Now I’ll ask one last time: Where is he? *snaps her wrist, the needles flicking out at the tips of her fingers* You have exactly five seconds, otherwise I’ll make you into my very own brainless doll. Five…four…three…

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: He’s on the third floor, the seventh room on the left, room 57!

Dollface: See? Now that wasn’t so hard, now was it? *snaps her wrist, making the needles go back into the glove* I’ve never had a victim go free before. *goes and cuts his bonds* How about some tea and muffins to celebrate the occasion? *wanders off to go and pour some tea*

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: I thought you were going to let me go. You said you’d keep your word!

Dollface: And I am. I said I wouldn’t harm you if you gave me the answers I wanted, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. We’re just going to have a small celebration first, that’s all. Then you’re free to go. *walks over and hands him a cup of tea, along with a muffin, before sitting back down* Enjoy.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *sets the muffin and cup down* No no, really, it’s quite alright. This isn’t necessary.

Dollface: Nonsense! I insist. Now go on, take a sip.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *shakes his head, even though his hand is slowly lifting the cup up to his lips* What the - ?

Dollface: *smirks under her mask* That’s right, try it out. Take a large gulp.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *goes to say something, but finds himself taking a large gulp of the tea before coughing violently* What the - ? How - ? What did you do to me?

Dollface: Don’t you remember? I had knocked you out with a tranquillizer….Well…one of my own creation. *grins under her mask* You’re my puppet now. Try the muffin, I insist.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: W-What? No. No! I knew it – you - ! *reluctantly grabs the muffin and takes a few bites out of it before coughing, beginning to feel a bit ill*

Dollface: What’s wrong? Are my muffins not good enough for you?

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *coughs* You said you wouldn’t harm me!

Dollface: I’m not; I kept my word. *hums with amusement* You’re the one causing yourself extreme pain. Now don’t be a rude guest. Down the rest of the tea.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *shakes his head as his trembling hand raises the cup back to his mouth*

Dollface: All of it.

Dr. Stephen Kellerman: *begins drinking the tea, choking on it as some slips out of his mouth and down onto the table. Coughs violently and slams the cup down as he begins to foam at the mouth, coughing and choking constantly before finally collapsing forward*…..

Dollface: *heavy sigh with disappointment* How unfortunate….Another one who doesn’t like my tea and muffins.


Yes! YES! Finally got all of the first eight out of thirty-two drawings done! :D So happy right now! ^w^

SO anyway, this of course is of when Dollface kidnaps a doctor from Arkham Asylum to get answers for the exact whereabouts of her partner, Dr. Jonathan Crane. Now, as I see it, this would take place between the second and third movies. This would be right after Crane has been caught, and from there onward, Mandy's been on her own, both carrying on what he started, as well as trying to find out where he is so she can get him out. Naturally, considering how defensive Mandy gets whenever someone talks about Crane and how much she cares for him, she'll do anything to get him back. In this case, anyone she kidnaps to get answers, she WILL kill - whether they give her the answers or not, they'll meet the same fate. She won't give anyone mercy, everyone will perish until she gets back what's most dear to her. As I see it, this is what makes Mandy most dangerous; it what initiates her inner darkness. Anything happens to the one person she cares about - the one person who's been there for her - she automatically becomes everyone's worst nightmare. Word of advice: NEVER mess with Crane, because if you mess with Crane, you're messing with Mandy, and if you mess with Mandy, well then you're as good as dead, plain and simple.

MOVING ON! The doctor here I based off of the doctor Stephen Kellerman from the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" game. However, I couldn't find any pictures of him so I did my own representation of him. And in the game, he apparently does end up doing interviews with Scarecrow, so Mandy DEFINTIELY got the right doctor. She's not stupid, she knows what she's doing.

The songs that inspired me greatly for this one were "Babydoll Gone Wrong" by Skye Sweetnam and "Tea Party" by Kerli. Not hard rock songs, like I usually listen to to get inspiration, but they definitely suit what's going on in this scene :)

Hey everyone!

Okay, wow, it's been quite a while since I last posted a journal entry, but oh well. :shrug:

Anyway, I graduated on Sunday so FREEEEEEEEEDOM!!!! :w00t!:

But in all seriousness, I'm not at all happy that I'm done school and such. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy I got this far and that I actually passed every single grade, but I'm far more sad than happy. Everyone I knew at school I'm probably never going to see again and I'm only ever going to visit my teachers when I either have the time or whenever my bros get into high school. Honestly, when I was getting all my teachers to sign my yearbook, I looked around each classroom that I used to be in and I actually wanted to break down crying knowing that it would be the last time I'd ever be in those rooms. For the teachers that got to know me well, it felt like they were close friends of mine and for that reason, I just feel really down and heartbroken. I'm even starting to tear up a bit as I write this.
On top of that, I know how so many people are my age are always so excited about graduating; they want to get out into the real world, learn to drive, get a job, do things on their own. Me on the other hand - absolutely not. Okay, yeah, sure, whenever I would get a ton of homework or something, I'd curse my teachers and pray for the day I actually would graduate and get the hell out of school, but I only ever did those as jokes; I never really meant it. Aside from homework, I loved going to school and seeing everyone and having some laughs whenever some goofball in class would do something off the wall in class. But to have that all gone and to go out into the real world is just a stab to the heart for me. Truth be told, I'm not at all excited to be out in the real world, if anything I'm the exact opposite; I'm extremely scared and have a huge feeling that I'm going to have so much stress this year that I'm going to break down in tears more than once. I got accepted into the university I wanted to get into, but like my uncle had told me, I'm taking the high and difficult road by doing so. I'm going to be facing many obstacles, challenges, and I'll have to make sacrifices just to make everything on my schedule work out. But he says that as soon as I get past the difficult part, everything works out smoothly and becomes much easier and I'll hopefully find myself enjoying it all - but first I have to take on the hard part which is what I'm definitely not looking forward to.
Actually, this entire year has been just a complete emotional rollercoaster for me, there's been far too much sadness and tears for me. I mean, yeah, I had a blast on Friday when I went to my grad dinner and dance (one of the best nights of my entire life for sure), but this year has been a depressing year. No one in my family has ever passed away and if anyone has, then it was when I was really small and didn't really know them. Example, my dad's dad passed away when I was probably seven or eight and it didn't really hit me with sadness because I wasn't that close with him. So I've never experienced a whole lot of pain like some people have. Well this year, two dear family members who I've known since I was little passed away. My great grandma passed away back in February and her death made me sad, but not so sad that I'd break down in tears. I wasn't really close to her. Yes, I knew her since I was little and my family and I would visit her every year, but I never really got into long talks with her or anything. My mom, on the other hand, was really close to her and when she heard the news of my great grandma dying, it tore her apart. I was sad but not painfully sad....not until two months ago. My grandpa - the last one I had, my dad's stepdad - passed away in April and believe me, as soon as my dad told me, it felt like the entire world just crashed on me. I had known my grandpa since I was born; during the years when I would go to preschool, my parents would have to go to work, so they'd drop me off at my grandparents' house. My grandpa would take me to a nearby playground, let me walk their dog, take me down to the market with him and if I was good he'd buy me a slushie. We'd watch Sesame Street or classic Disney movies all the time and considering he was Mexican, he'd teach me some simple Spanish - counting from one to ten, saying the exact place he was born in, and a sentence I later found out meant "Abuelito, may I have one candy please? Thank you" - and if I repeated everything easily, he'd give me a Mento as a reward. It's because of him why I decided to take four years of Spanish class once I got into high school and how I learnt what I was saying all along in Spanish to him ever since I was a tiny thing. He and my grandma had moved to Kamloops when I was probably seven or eight so my family and I only ever got to see them once or twice a year, but nonetheless, just like what we did with my great grandma, we'd visit them every year no matter what. Now, about a year ago, I remember everyone talking about how my grandpa was having some sort of problem with his bladder or some kind of organ rather important and a few months ago, he had to go to the hospital to have it dealt with. From the way things were looking, it seemed like he wouldn't make it to this August (when we usually visit all our relatives) and sure enough, he ended up passing away in his sleep. This news crushed me more than anything ever has in all my life. Yes, I was sad when my great grandma died and yes, I cried when my past few cats passed away, but this was an entirely different thing and I felt like I had died on the inside, knowing I'd never see him again. In fact, I was so crushed that I ended up missing three days of school considering how broken up I was; I even went into school one of those days, thinking I was fine and would be alright, but halfway through first period, I started thinking about him, and once class ended, I ended up going to the office, phoning my mom to come and pick me up, and I broke down into tears. It was horrible. We didn't go to his funeral since a) none of us could afford to miss any work or school and b) my parents figured we didn't need to go; we didn't need anymore sadness and pain that what we were already feeling. So instead, last month, on a Friday, it was supposed to have been his 81st birthday. My parents pulled my bros and I out of school and we went up to Kamloops. All my relatives were there and, instead of mourning over the loss of my grandpa, we were all going to have a great time, share stories, and celebrate what would've been his birthday and since he was Mexican, we were celebrating "cinco de mayo" as well (even though it was long past the 5th of May). Yes, there was sadness at first (when my uncle ended up making a speech about him and reading a poem about my grandpa, I completely lost it even though I told myself that I wouldn't cry), and there still is (it's taking me everything I have not to cry as I write all of this), but there was plenty of happiness and laughter afterwards. I absolutely love family reunions; they're always so much fun. And I know that, compared to everything else I just mentioned, this won't be as sad, but I had ended up forcing myself to finally watch "The Angels of Manhattan" episode of Doctor Who in May and I completely understand why everyone just died after seeing that. I knew what I was getting myself into, but seriously....that episode just killed me. I could NOT stop crying. Even after it ended, I was an emotional wreck. It was horrible!! God, if I cried that hard when the Ponds died, I'm extremely scared about watching the Christmas special when Eleven regenerates. Honest to God, he's my favorite Doctor and forever will be so when he dies, I'm going to react exactly how every Ten fan did when Ten passed: I'm going to drown in my own tears and be an emotional wreck for weeks; guaranteed that's what's going to happen. So as you can see, I've had such a "fun" year so far. I can only pray to God that nothing else heartbreaking happens this year.

ANYWHO, that is NOT why I wanted to write this entry. Why I wanted to write this is because lately I've been watching quite a lot of anime (Death Note, Black Butler, D.Gray-Man, Blue Exorcist, and Fairy Tail - LOVE every single one of them). One of my friends loves anime and manga and she's basically the main reason I started getting into anime and manga two years ago; she'd always talk about Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, or D.Gray-Man with our friends and I never really understood what she was talking about so I started reading Death Note and so began my epic discovery of the world of manga and anime :D

So what am I writing this entry for? I wanted to ask if any of you guys have seen the following animes or read the manga and if so, are they good? Now, considering I watch Death Note, Black Butler, D.Gray-Man, Blue Exorcist, and Fairy Tail, you can tell that I'm the kind of person who loves fantasy. I'll love anything with action and a legitimately intriguing and engaging storyline. Mainly things with demons or vampires or anything supernatural really gets me interested and as for gore, it depends. Blood's fine, but guts - it kind of depends how much and how graphic it all is. So without further ado, here's the list:

- Code Geass
- Darker Than Black
- Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- InuYasha (reading the manga)
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Blood+
- Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden (reading the manga)
- Bleach (reading the manga)
- Soul Eater
- Vampire Knight (reading the manga)
- Sailor Moon
- Hellsing
- Durarara!!
- Rosario + Vampire (reading the manga)
- Inu x Boku Secret Service
- Vampire Hunter D.
- Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Tour (I'm well aware that these are all five min. long - surprisingly <.<)
- Attack On Titan
- Another
- Deadman Wonderland
- D.N. Angel
- Black Rock Shooter

Please let me know if any of these are good and if I'd like them. Also, if you have any recommendations - any anime or manga I should check out - please let me know; I'd appreciate it.


~ A.R. Robertson
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