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Puppetry by thedarkenedkeeper
"Waking the demon!
Where'd you run to?
Walking in shadows!
Watch the blood flow!

There's not much longer, so don't try and hide,
Your body's weakening, walk to the light!
Those painful times so alone, so ashamed!
I'm not coming back, there's nothing to gain!"
~ "Waking the Demon" by Bullet for My Valentine

Another drawing involving my OC, Mandy Robertson/Dollface. Just letting you all know, I plan to do a LOT of drawings involving her so everything I'll be uploading will be involving her. Just giving you all the heads up.

This, of course, is Mandy - now as Dollface - using one of her victims as a puppet, and as you can tell from the guy's face, he's already undergone the horrible treatment (notice how his eyes have rolled back into his head and how his mouth is sewn shut). Yes, Dollface has already made him one of her brainless dolls. Isn't that lovely? :3
My inspiration came from the songs "Miss Murder" by AFI, "Waking the Demon" by Bullet for My Valentine, and "Gorgeous Nightmare" by Escape the Fate.
Originally I was going to draw this with just pencil, but then I thought "No...I can make this a whole lot darker". SO I fine-lined and shaded both Dollface and her victim, and, just to test my boundaries and such, I got some black and red paint, added some water, and had some fun making the background dark and foggy with some splatters of blood here and there. Came out much darker and more sinister than I had planned :)
The Discussion by thedarkenedkeeper
The Discussion
SO much shading X_X Urgh. The bricks killed me.
Anyway, this is another drawing I did involving my Batman/Gotham OC, Mandy Robertson aka Dollface. This one is based off of an rp I had done involving Mandy getting called into Harvey's office to discuss matters regarding Dr. Crane. And obviously, as you can tell from Mandy's face, she's not at all pleased.
Now I've gone through my drawing ideas and have basically created a timeline of when each drawing takes place, in what movie, and such. This one, as well as the one with Mandy meeting Ivy and Selina, don't count. Why? Because they're Gotham related. First off, Mandy never went to Gotham when she was younger. And as for this one, considering this is when Harvey was younger, Mandy would be about twelve. However, the rp was great, so I had to do a drawing of it. Also, I'd like to imagine that this scenario would happen, but with Harvey Dent from "The Dark Knight".
Anywho, I'll shut up now, and down below is quite the description of what's going on in this scene. Enjoy!

There she sat in Harvey Dent’s office, eyes boring into his as the words slipped from his mouth and into her ears. Rage ever so slowly began to seep into her veins and boil her blood, her innocent yet darkened heart racing with pent-up ferocity. Her entire being froze still, not a single muscle moving with the exception of her fingers, which were now twitching and clutching with irritation at the arms of the leather chair. Within that moment, so much hatred had managed to build up inside Mandy, and she couldn’t exactly put her finger on why that was. Every sound around her immediately faded out as her sole focus went onto Mr. Dent’s every word, watching intently with a twitch of her right eye as he folded his hands over the papers on his desk.

She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t comprehend what he was telling her, let alone what he expected from her. The subject matter was digging horribly into her mind and heart – tugging torturously at her emotions. For her, it felt as though the world had stopped spinning and the only ones who could move or speak were Mr. Dent and herself.

He had called her in earlier that day, claiming how he needed to speak with her on an important matter. Mandy, having only met Mr. Dent once before hand, hadn’t the slightest clue what he would have to discuss with her, and thus, she had no choice but to head to his office; driven by nothing more than her curiosity. But as soon as she had entered that room – as soon as she sat down in the chair – the entire atmosphere within that confined space changed drastically. It became cold and quite unsettling, sending chills up her spine. Something was very wrong, and she couldn’t help but feel she had landed herself into a trap.

And unfortunately, that’s exactly what it was.

Turns out the “important matter” he wished to speak of regarded the only person she trusted since she had first stepped foot in Gotham: Dr. Jonathan Crane. As soon as his name left Mr. Dent’s lips, her whole body went rigid as a statue, and she suddenly found it difficult to breathe. He went on to tell her of his suspicions of Crane, and how he was afraid for her, how he didn’t want anything to happen to her, knowing very well she was a patient of Crane’s. Whether it was the idea of her getting diagnosed as insane and thrown into an asylum or somehow getting involved in a very dangerous situation, Harvey wouldn’t have it. He had every right to be concerned, especially knowing how Mandy had only been in Gotham for a year. With a thin and unhealthy physique such as hers’, she could easily get hurt.

However, though he insisted he was only giving her a warning and attempting to protect her, Mandy dismissed his concerns without care, because really, there was no point to be concerned. He may have thought Dr. Crane to be a bad man, but she most certainly didn’t – not from everything she had gone through. Yes, she may have had her own suspicions of her therapist, but she wouldn’t dare tell anyone. After all, everyone had their secrets. Everyone had their dark sides. Even the ones who are mostly innocent, the ones who claim to never be sinister, have dark sides; they just never give into the need to release such pent-up insidious energy. Mandy had trouble trusting anyone – God knows she had been brutally damaged throughout her life; it’s no wonder she stayed clear from strangers. She was introverted and shy, she always had been, and would struggle to discuss anything with anyone. But upon attending regular weekly sessions with Dr. Crane, she shockingly came to a realization that she could open up to him with such ease. Why that was - Who knows? Perhaps it was because of how his eyes just seemed to pierce into her soul and hook into her thoughts, feelings, everything; extracting her entire life out of her. She thought for sure he’d be like every other individual she had encountered: Nothing more than a peasant who’d make fun of her for her looks and think she was pathetic and disgusting. Someone who wouldn’t give a damn about her.

But she was wrong. So very wrong. And it stunned her beyond belief.

Dr. Crane was the exact opposite. When she would speak of her problems to him, he wouldn’t ignore her and obviously appear bored out of his mind, he’d thoroughly listen to every single detail she gave; scrutinizing any mannerisms she made during her speech, notifying him just how she was feeling. And whenever he’d ask a question – especially if it was regarding something upsetting to her – he’d speak with such softness and what Mandy believed to be concern that it’d somehow cause her nerves to relax in an instant. Never in her entire life had she come across such a kind human being, someone who she could actually talk to. Someone she fully trusted and could admittedly call a friend.

And yet, here she was, listening to how Mr. Dent was advising her to stay on guard around him.

But the worst thing he said then made fire burst in her gemstone-like eyes: He wanted her to gather information about him and report back to him.

How dare he. How dare he expect her to do such a thing. One minute he was going on about warning her and how he was concerned for her, and the next, he wants to use her as a spy to “expose Crane for who he really is”? The idea was sickeningly insane! Ludicrous! She would do no such thing, not to the only individual she trusted. Once, Mandy had told Crane she was great at keeping secrets, and that wasn’t a lie, not in the slightest. So if she were to ever discovery Crane’s dark secret, would she expose him? Never – They’d have to strap her down and torture her severely to get her to talk, and even then, she wouldn’t crack. If Crane was such a “bad man”, then it was clear she was blind to see it. Either that, or she too might have a heart and soul as dark as Crane’s, but who really knew? If either or were the case, she still wouldn’t succumb to Mr. Dent’s demand. She most certainly wouldn’t allow him to scare her away from Dr. Crane, and if he attempted to push her into doing his dirty work, she’d have no choice but to allow a portion of her inner darkness out. She would defend what was most dear to her no matter what the case; she couldn’t afford to lose the only person she felt comfortable with.

Her eyes narrowed as they darkened with a hybrid of hate and anger. Her nails dug into the fabric of the chair, scratching at the smooth surface. She didn’t blink, she didn’t move. She had had enough of this. And if Mr. Dent were to ever go after Crane and threaten him or worse…

…there would be no mercy from her.

Hey everyone!

Okay, wow, it's been quite a while since I last posted a journal entry, but oh well. :shrug:

Anyway, I graduated on Sunday so FREEEEEEEEEDOM!!!! :w00t!:

But in all seriousness, I'm not at all happy that I'm done school and such. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy I got this far and that I actually passed every single grade, but I'm far more sad than happy. Everyone I knew at school I'm probably never going to see again and I'm only ever going to visit my teachers when I either have the time or whenever my bros get into high school. Honestly, when I was getting all my teachers to sign my yearbook, I looked around each classroom that I used to be in and I actually wanted to break down crying knowing that it would be the last time I'd ever be in those rooms. For the teachers that got to know me well, it felt like they were close friends of mine and for that reason, I just feel really down and heartbroken. I'm even starting to tear up a bit as I write this.
On top of that, I know how so many people are my age are always so excited about graduating; they want to get out into the real world, learn to drive, get a job, do things on their own. Me on the other hand - absolutely not. Okay, yeah, sure, whenever I would get a ton of homework or something, I'd curse my teachers and pray for the day I actually would graduate and get the hell out of school, but I only ever did those as jokes; I never really meant it. Aside from homework, I loved going to school and seeing everyone and having some laughs whenever some goofball in class would do something off the wall in class. But to have that all gone and to go out into the real world is just a stab to the heart for me. Truth be told, I'm not at all excited to be out in the real world, if anything I'm the exact opposite; I'm extremely scared and have a huge feeling that I'm going to have so much stress this year that I'm going to break down in tears more than once. I got accepted into the university I wanted to get into, but like my uncle had told me, I'm taking the high and difficult road by doing so. I'm going to be facing many obstacles, challenges, and I'll have to make sacrifices just to make everything on my schedule work out. But he says that as soon as I get past the difficult part, everything works out smoothly and becomes much easier and I'll hopefully find myself enjoying it all - but first I have to take on the hard part which is what I'm definitely not looking forward to.
Actually, this entire year has been just a complete emotional rollercoaster for me, there's been far too much sadness and tears for me. I mean, yeah, I had a blast on Friday when I went to my grad dinner and dance (one of the best nights of my entire life for sure), but this year has been a depressing year. No one in my family has ever passed away and if anyone has, then it was when I was really small and didn't really know them. Example, my dad's dad passed away when I was probably seven or eight and it didn't really hit me with sadness because I wasn't that close with him. So I've never experienced a whole lot of pain like some people have. Well this year, two dear family members who I've known since I was little passed away. My great grandma passed away back in February and her death made me sad, but not so sad that I'd break down in tears. I wasn't really close to her. Yes, I knew her since I was little and my family and I would visit her every year, but I never really got into long talks with her or anything. My mom, on the other hand, was really close to her and when she heard the news of my great grandma dying, it tore her apart. I was sad but not painfully sad....not until two months ago. My grandpa - the last one I had, my dad's stepdad - passed away in April and believe me, as soon as my dad told me, it felt like the entire world just crashed on me. I had known my grandpa since I was born; during the years when I would go to preschool, my parents would have to go to work, so they'd drop me off at my grandparents' house. My grandpa would take me to a nearby playground, let me walk their dog, take me down to the market with him and if I was good he'd buy me a slushie. We'd watch Sesame Street or classic Disney movies all the time and considering he was Mexican, he'd teach me some simple Spanish - counting from one to ten, saying the exact place he was born in, and a sentence I later found out meant "Abuelito, may I have one candy please? Thank you" - and if I repeated everything easily, he'd give me a Mento as a reward. It's because of him why I decided to take four years of Spanish class once I got into high school and how I learnt what I was saying all along in Spanish to him ever since I was a tiny thing. He and my grandma had moved to Kamloops when I was probably seven or eight so my family and I only ever got to see them once or twice a year, but nonetheless, just like what we did with my great grandma, we'd visit them every year no matter what. Now, about a year ago, I remember everyone talking about how my grandpa was having some sort of problem with his bladder or some kind of organ rather important and a few months ago, he had to go to the hospital to have it dealt with. From the way things were looking, it seemed like he wouldn't make it to this August (when we usually visit all our relatives) and sure enough, he ended up passing away in his sleep. This news crushed me more than anything ever has in all my life. Yes, I was sad when my great grandma died and yes, I cried when my past few cats passed away, but this was an entirely different thing and I felt like I had died on the inside, knowing I'd never see him again. In fact, I was so crushed that I ended up missing three days of school considering how broken up I was; I even went into school one of those days, thinking I was fine and would be alright, but halfway through first period, I started thinking about him, and once class ended, I ended up going to the office, phoning my mom to come and pick me up, and I broke down into tears. It was horrible. We didn't go to his funeral since a) none of us could afford to miss any work or school and b) my parents figured we didn't need to go; we didn't need anymore sadness and pain that what we were already feeling. So instead, last month, on a Friday, it was supposed to have been his 81st birthday. My parents pulled my bros and I out of school and we went up to Kamloops. All my relatives were there and, instead of mourning over the loss of my grandpa, we were all going to have a great time, share stories, and celebrate what would've been his birthday and since he was Mexican, we were celebrating "cinco de mayo" as well (even though it was long past the 5th of May). Yes, there was sadness at first (when my uncle ended up making a speech about him and reading a poem about my grandpa, I completely lost it even though I told myself that I wouldn't cry), and there still is (it's taking me everything I have not to cry as I write all of this), but there was plenty of happiness and laughter afterwards. I absolutely love family reunions; they're always so much fun. And I know that, compared to everything else I just mentioned, this won't be as sad, but I had ended up forcing myself to finally watch "The Angels of Manhattan" episode of Doctor Who in May and I completely understand why everyone just died after seeing that. I knew what I was getting myself into, but seriously....that episode just killed me. I could NOT stop crying. Even after it ended, I was an emotional wreck. It was horrible!! God, if I cried that hard when the Ponds died, I'm extremely scared about watching the Christmas special when Eleven regenerates. Honest to God, he's my favorite Doctor and forever will be so when he dies, I'm going to react exactly how every Ten fan did when Ten passed: I'm going to drown in my own tears and be an emotional wreck for weeks; guaranteed that's what's going to happen. So as you can see, I've had such a "fun" year so far. I can only pray to God that nothing else heartbreaking happens this year.

ANYWHO, that is NOT why I wanted to write this entry. Why I wanted to write this is because lately I've been watching quite a lot of anime (Death Note, Black Butler, D.Gray-Man, Blue Exorcist, and Fairy Tail - LOVE every single one of them). One of my friends loves anime and manga and she's basically the main reason I started getting into anime and manga two years ago; she'd always talk about Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, or D.Gray-Man with our friends and I never really understood what she was talking about so I started reading Death Note and so began my epic discovery of the world of manga and anime :D

So what am I writing this entry for? I wanted to ask if any of you guys have seen the following animes or read the manga and if so, are they good? Now, considering I watch Death Note, Black Butler, D.Gray-Man, Blue Exorcist, and Fairy Tail, you can tell that I'm the kind of person who loves fantasy. I'll love anything with action and a legitimately intriguing and engaging storyline. Mainly things with demons or vampires or anything supernatural really gets me interested and as for gore, it depends. Blood's fine, but guts - it kind of depends how much and how graphic it all is. So without further ado, here's the list:

- Code Geass
- Darker Than Black
- Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- InuYasha (reading the manga)
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Blood+
- Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden (reading the manga)
- Bleach (reading the manga)
- Soul Eater
- Vampire Knight (reading the manga)
- Sailor Moon
- Hellsing
- Durarara!!
- Rosario + Vampire (reading the manga)
- Inu x Boku Secret Service
- Vampire Hunter D.
- Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Tour (I'm well aware that these are all five min. long - surprisingly <.<)
- Attack On Titan
- Another
- Deadman Wonderland
- D.N. Angel
- Black Rock Shooter

Please let me know if any of these are good and if I'd like them. Also, if you have any recommendations - any anime or manga I should check out - please let me know; I'd appreciate it.


~ A.R. Robertson
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