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Becoming the Enemy by thedarkenedkeeper
Becoming the Enemy

"So society just can't let us be
Please don't be ashamed
We are not to blame
The future's ours to take
We will make mistakes...
Scream this loud and proud
We will not back down

So lets go and relieve the pressure
Anarchy will only make it better
We can't, we won't surrender
We can't, we won't surrender!

We're not scared 'cause we like the danger
Reality will only make us stronger
We can't, we won't surrender
We can't, we won't surrender!"
~ "Dignity" by Bullet for MY Valentine

FINALLY! I kept on procrastinating and FINALLY forced myself to draw the damn thing TT^TT About goddamn time.

Anyway, as you can all tell, this is a bit of a foreshadowing drawing. Here we have a young Mandy and a young Jonathan, holding hands and pretty much reveling in the idea of how one day they will get revenge for what everyone did to them, and as you can see, their shadows foreshadow who and what they'll become in the future. I got this idea from two things, the main one being from an rp I did which involved the two of them out at an abandoned store (their hideout), talking about how they've suffered and how they'll make everyone pay - Jonathan even promises her that they'll become something to Gotham someday. I thought it was a really strong character development part in the rp and just HAD to draw it.

The whole foreshadowing-who-they-will-become-via-shadows thing I got from seeing a piece of art showing the shadows of two characters as something else with the eye sockets whitened out and such. It was a really cool idea so I figured I'd give it a go.

I absolutely LOVE how it came out, I truly do. This has to be one of my favorite drawings so far. I LOVE the dark, almost comic book type look to it - it just makes it all the more appealing. The border I gave a bit of gothic, stringy/cobweb-like appearance to give it a more dark and eerie feeling and it just - unf! It's gorgeous! *^*

The songs that gave me inspiration were "Dignity" and "Not Invincible", both by Bullet for My Valentine. I kept on thinking over just how much pain and suffering both Mandy and Jonathan have gone through and how they're viewed as freaks, outcasts, loners, etc. It's horrible, but when I was listening to these songs, it really punctuates the idea of how they've been pushed too far and are going to make Gotham become theirs'.


Could anyone tell me just how graphic and gory "American Horror Story" is? I've read up on the content and have seen a few pics/screenshots here and there, but I'd like to know from you guys.

A part of me would love to watch this show merely because it seems really interesting and I'd like to know why it's so popular. Plus I am a bit of a horror movie fan. HOWEVER, there's only so much gore I can take. Blood I can handle, but organs, torture, cannibalism - I can't stomach an...y of it (which is hilarious because I managed to watch the remake of "Evil Dead" and "Repo! The Genetic Opera" - both movies I thought I'd never watch yet are now favorites of mine). My sensitivity levels are all over the charts. I can watch what I just mentioned, yet I can't watch "Saw" or "The Cabin in the Woods". I'm strange that way.

Like I said, I've read up on the content, and believe me, just reading some of it has disturbed me greatly. You'd think that would immediately tell me not to watch the show, yet there's a small part of me that's still curious. I bought the first season which I plan to watch with my bestie the next time she's over (she's seen it and apparently it's the tamest season - along with Coven). Hopefully I can survive it. If I can't, well then, there's no questioning it: I won't continue watching the show.

ANYWAY if any of you have seen or watched the show, could you give me your thoughts and let me know how gruesome the content is? I'd appreciate it :)

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